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The nuclear sector is a special segment within the energy industry. MTSA Technopower has over the years accrued extensive expertise and experience in this sector. A major boost to MTSA Technopower's clout in this sector came with the takeover of KEMA Techniek and MTSA's close ties with scientific institutes such as NRG (Nuclear Research Group) and ECN (Netherlands Energy Research Centre).

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Firing up the nuclear fusion process requires controlled injection of large amounts of energy in brief bursts. The equipment needed for that is very similar to the equipment used in high power labs. This is high-power switch equipment, such as Make Switches, Break Switches, Injection Timers, and Rogowski Units.



Numerous universities, institutes, centres of excellence, and R&D departments in the nuclear sector have limited capacity to design, manufacture, and assemble specialist equipment and test facilities themselves. MTSA Technopower can help by supplying mechanical and electronic parts and modules for such projects.


To support your technical service team, MTSA Technopower can offer a wide array of industrial services (electrical and mechanical):