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All over the world researchers are developing processes making the use of oil and gas as energy source  and raw material more efficient and environmental friendly. The focus is on e.g. separating and reusing CO2, conversion using innovative catalysts or a new reactor types, utilisation of residual heat, or the application of innovative separation methods such as membranes or supercritical crystallisation. Decentralised, mobile, and small-scale production methods are also applied on an increasingly wider scale.


MTSA Technopower supports these developments by designing and building prototype installations, pilot plants, demo plants, and small-scale production facilities. We can get involved in the process at an early stage, and advise you and help you conceive of ways to scale up an innovation.


Many processes use high temperatures, pressure, and/or aggressive fluids. This requires selection and use of special components, materials, and highly accurate analysis and monitoring systems. MTSA Technopower has extensive expertise and experience in this area.


When it comes to the actual execution, skills are paramount. MTSA Technopower specialises in building pilot plants, gas and/or fluid systems, often in the form of a mobile skid installation: ranging from a flow rate of only a few ml per hour using thin-walled tubing to larger installations with a flow rate of hundreds of litres per hour.