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Where biomass used to mainly be considered waste, it is now claiming an increasingly significant role as a sustainable raw material and energy source.  Biomass mainly consists of cellulose. This tough and fibrous substance has been used in the paper industry for many years. Current research is looking into possible use of cellulose from biomass for sustainable production of energy, chemicals, plastic, and even additives for the food and pharmaceutical industry.


Conversion of biomass into a usable form is possible by using pressure, heat, vacuum, and special separation methods, often involving catalysts or enzymes. Lab research is resulting in innovations that will have to prove their economic and technical feasibility in pilot and demo plants prior to roll-out on an industrial scale.


MTSA Technopower designs and builds prototype installations, pilot and demo plants, and small-scale production installations. We can step in at an early stage of the process, and advise you on how best to scale an innovation up to industrial level. Needless to say, we always adhere to current environmental and health & safety standards and regulations.


Many of these processes involve the use of high temperatures, pressure, and/or aggressive fluids. This requires selection and use of special components, materials, and highly accurate analysis and monitoring systems. Continuous transportation of solid substances also requires specific knowledge. MTSA Technopower has extensive expertise and experience in this area.