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All over the world researchers are looking for ways of making our use of resources and energy more efficient and sustainable. The focus is on, among other things, using CO2 and biomass as a resource, utilising residual heat, or the application of innovative separation methods such as membranes and supercritical crystallisation. Decentralisation and the use of mobile, flexible, and small-scale production methods are rising.


MTSA Technopower contributes to these developments by designing and building prototype installations, pilot and demo plants, and small-scale production units. We can get involved at an early stage of the process, and advise you on how to scale up or realise an innovation.


Many processes in the chemical sector involve the application of high temperatures, pressure, and/or aggressive fluids. This requires selection and use of special components, materials, highly accurate analysis and monitoring systems, and keen knowledge of all current QHSE standards and regulations. MTSA Technopower boasts all the right know-how and experience in this area.