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Our Company

MTSA Technopower develops, designs, builds, and maintains customer-specific equipment, installations, and special machines for clients in the Netherlands and beyond. These are usually one-off pieces, from pilots to small series, or right up to full-scale factories. By combining different technologies (instrumentation, automation, processing technology, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and electronics) and being able to both develop and manufacture under the same roof, MTSA Technopower can offer integral and multidisciplinary total solutions.


MTSA Technopower has extended its activities over the past years through autonomous growth and take-overs. This has resulted in a larger scale organisation, considerably deeper knowledge and greater added value for our customers. Our customers can now place their orders in one single place and communicate with only one single point of contact. This makes our customer’s operations more efficient and transparent, and also leads to savings on coordination costs. MTSA Technopower regularly receives complex orders.


MTSA Technopower offers an existing portfolio of its own products. MTSA Technopower will continue to develop and market new products and concepts that meet the customer's specific requirements in our markets, under licence and/or under our own management.


MTSA Technopower provides service, maintenance, and upgrades for installations and machines. We try to provide full services, for instance by setting up on-site service dependencies.