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MTSA Supply manufactures parts, mechatronic modules, and complete systems as one-off pieces or as small or medium-sized series. MTSA has its own machine factory, construction workshops, measuring rooms, assembly areas, and cleanroom for such activities.


Traditionally, we work on the basis of your drawings and specifications. Additionally, our engineering departments can optimise your design in terms of the production method and cost price. The process from design up to prototyping is then tackled using a project-based approach (see Projects). Extensive experience with metallurgy, electronics, and process technology makes MTSA Technopower a knowledge partner for new systems and existing system optimisation. The challenge lies in adopting a multidisciplinary approach that looks beyond the borders of traditional domains and existing possibilities. If you have insufficient engineering capacity or lack specific know-how, we are the partner you need.


We know that we, as your supplier, are an integral part of your business chain. Based on mutual agreements, we will make arrangements to accommodate your production peaks, ensure reliable stocks at the lowest possible cost and risk, and manage your and our suppliers in terms of quality, delivery reliability, technology and price. We will use a production control system for planning and monitoring, which will ensure instant overview of the progress of all orders. This will optimise your risk, capacity utilisation, and cash flow, while adding value to your product.