MTSA Technopower is a technology company that designs and builds equipment. Our ingenuity helps customers innovate. In this way, MTSA is working worldwide on the transition to a safe and sustainable society. We think this is important.

MTSA Lines of Business


MTSA Projects is about designing and building customer-specific equipment, installations and machines. These installations are often unique, for example pilot plants, demo plants, production installations and special test equipment for various market segments.

Hydrogen (H2) Technology

MTSA Technopower develops decentralized energy management systems that convert green electricity into hydrogen and vice versa to make green energy available 24/7 and to prevent peak loads from solar and wind farms on the electricity grid.

High Power Test Equipment

In addition to customer-specific solutions, MTSA Technopower also markets its own product line for short-circuit laboratories. This concerns equipment that is used to conduct short-circuit tests.


MTSA Supply focuses on the production of parts, mechatronic modules and complete systems. This can be based on your design (built-to-print), but often MTSA Technopower is closely involved in the design whereby series production is preceded by the manufacture of a prototype (built-to-spec).

MTSA Technopower: a company in motion


At MTSA Technopower they already knew more than 10 years ago that clean technology was our future. They saw then that the energy and chemistry of the future would no longer come from oil, gas or coal, but from renewable sources such as sun, wind, CO2, biomass and recycled materials. And that’s what they do today: circular, green installations.


Curious about the vision of MTSA Technopower in the field of Energy Transition? Register for the Kivi Hydrogen Congress 2022 on 20 May via this link. And get to know Rob van der Sluis, who will explain the MTSA vision to you through the presentation ‘Decentralized hydrogen electrolysis and Power to Power (P2P) systems’.Read more »

MTSA Waterstof Elektrolyse en Power to Power P2P apparatuur

The Bio Base MOBILE Pilot Plant is on its way to ArcelorMittal in Ghent! It will enable the use of industrial CO2 emissions for biomanufacturing! In a process called “gas fermentation”, microbes consume and convert CO2, avoiding its release into our atmosphere, while simultaneously making sustainable bioproducts. Design and construction realized by Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant and MTSA Technopower B.V. with support of […]Read more »

Pilot Plant Demo Plant

By signing the contract for the supply of MTSA Make Switch 1210 and MTSA Master Break Switch 1214 with associated peripheral equipment for the expansion and modernization of the High Power Laboratory in Bangalore, the national Central Power Research Institute (CPRI) of India makes a final decision for the environmentally friendly technology of MTSA Technopower. […]Read more »

MTSA Master Break Switch 1214


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