MTSA Technopower invested in a new CNC turning lathe

17 August 2018

MTSA Technopower invested in a new CNC turning lathe. The Doosan LYNX 2100 is a compact machine with driven tools, collection unit and equipped with a collet holder. This machine is an important replenishment on our machine park. Together with the previously invested Doosan Puma 2600 serie MTSA possess over two modern Doosan CNC turning lathes. […]Read more »

CNC Turning

MTSA Technopower signs contract with ICMET for the delivery of Make Switches

01 August 2018

In July Loek van Veggel (CEO) and Colin Gijsberts (PM) visited ICMET Craiova, Romania to sign the contract for the supply of MTSA Make Switches. ICMET Craiova is the national leader in the field of research, development and testing for high voltage and high power equipment . The MTSA Make Switches shall become operational in […]Read more »

MTSA supplied EETI in China with High Voltage Switches

18 September 2017

MTSA Technopower supplied Suzhou Electrical Apparatus Science Research Institute (EETI) China, with various sets of High Voltage Switches complete with control systems and compressed air supply system. Suzhou Electrical Apparatus Science Research Institute (EETI)- China, has established domestic advanced high voltage and large capacity testing laboratory, and can provide clients with product certification testing, quality supervision […]Read more »

MTSA Technopower enlisted as member of Hydrogen Europe

23 August 2017

Hydrogen Europe is the leading EU industry association in fuel cells and the hydrogen sector. The EU recognizes that CO2 emissions are the main cause of todays global climate change. CO2 emissions shall be reduced by the 2015 Paris agreement. Hydrogen shall play an important role in the energy transition towards a CO2 neutral society. […]Read more »

MTSA Technopower representation for Fuel Cell Systems on the Chinese market

23 August 2017

Hydrogen will play an important role in the energy transition towards sustainable, clean, safe and reliable energy supply. To make this possible MTSA Technopower is investing in the development of Fuel Cell Systems. The Chinese market is recognized to play a leading role in adopting clean Fuel Cell technology. MTSA Technopower and Characters Chemical Technology […]Read more »

MTSA supplies fermentation work stations for the new DSM Biotechnology Centre Delft

11 April 2017

Recently the fermentation work stations for the new DSM Biotechnology Centre were commissioned by MTSA Technopower. In 2014 a prototype was made. DSM conducted an extensive test program with the prototype and gained user experience. After final approval of the design the fermention work stations were taken into production by MTSA. These have recently been […]Read more »

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte interested in MTSA fuel cell technology

19 October 2016

Prime Minister, Mark Rutte paid a special visit to the stand of MTSA Technopower at the Hannover Messe. On the picture MTSA CEO Loek van Veggel gives further information about the 2MW PEM fuel cell power plant which has been designed and built by MTSA Technopower for the company Ynnovate in China. The power plant […]Read more »

Press release

14 October 2016

AkzoNobel, MTSA Technopower and Nedstack handed over world’s first 2MW PEM fuel cell power plant to Ynnovate in China. Click here for the article.Read more »

MTSA Technopower gives lecture at the HAN university of applied sciences

13 September 2016

Loek van Veggel, CEO MTSA Technopower, has been invited Wednesday 7 September by the HAN university of applied sciences, faculty Technical Business Management to give a lecture to the students about business planning. In the lecture attention was paid on how to draw up a strategisc plan and how, via annual operational plans, the strategy […]Read more »

Hydrogen crucial in energy transition

11 July 2016

The film ‘Hydrogen crucial in energy transition’ was made to support the energy transition towards environmental friendly and sustainable energy sources. Please enable JavaScriptRead more »

Successful Factory Acceptance Test fuel cell power plant

02 May 2016

In presence of a delegation of the Chinese customer and end-user Ynnovate the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) of worlds largest hydrogen power plant (2 MW) was successfully completed early last month. The tests at the premises of MTSA Technopower incorporated, in addition to testing all components, subsystems and software, also the actual production of electricity […]Read more »

MTSA Make Switches for largest high power lab being built today

12 April 2016

Today the contract has been signed by EETI and MTSA Technopower for the supply of Make Switches for the largest high power lab under construction in China (1100 kV). Since a couple of years EETI is already using MTSA Make Switches for the 363 kV lab. For the 1100 kV lab, which currently is under […]Read more »

The MTSA 1 MW PEM fuel cell Power Plant on its way to Martinique

13 January 2016

The 1 MW fuel cell power plant, designed and built by MTSA Technopower and delivered to Solvay in 2011 has a new owner. The installation has been transported to the Sara refinery at Martinique. There it will be used to generate electricity from hydrogen.Read more »

World’s largest Hydrogen power plant designed for Ynnovate

21 November 2015

MTSA Technopower BV designs and builds for the Chinese customer Ynnovate the World’s largest hydrogen power plant. Mid next year the hydrogen power plant will be commissioned in Yingkow. At this moment the construction of the power plant is well on its way and a start has been made with the so called test set […]Read more »

MTSA Technopower Enterprise of the year!

26 March 2015

With pride we announce that MTSA Technopower has been chosen ‘Enterprise of the Year 2015’. Click here for the article in the Gelderlander, 26 March, 2015 (Dutch Language).Read more »

World’s largest Hydrogen powerplant from Arnhem for Chinese Factory

21 February 2015

Copyright de Ondernemer. For article click here (Dutch language).Read more »

Press release

30 January 2015

A consortium of MTSA Technopower B.V., Nedstack fuel Cell Technology B.V., Ynnovate Sanzheng (Yingkou) Fine Chemicals Co. Ltd. and AkzoNobel Industrial Chemicals B.V. signed a cooperation contract for designing, constructing, testing and operating World’s first 2 megawatt PEM fuel cell power plant. The cooperation contract is supported by Fuel Cells Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU), […]Read more »

The Make Switches for KERI are on its way to Korea

10 December 2014

The make switches for the 4000 MVA High Power Project for KERI have been shipped to their final destination in Korea. Entirely according planning the Factory Acceptance Tests were completed successfully in November, including high current and high voltage tests, which were executed by DNV GL (formely KEMA). KERI purchased a slightly modified version of […]Read more »

MTSA Technopower invests

21 February 2014

MTSA Technopower invested in a multi-purpose, high accuracy CNC turning lathe. We’ve chosen for the Doosan Puma 2600 MSB. This turning lathe has a very large bore on the main spindle Ø102mm. The turning lathe is equipped with driven tools and and fast turning subspindle. In addition MTSA has chosen for the GLM (Green Light […]Read more »

MTSA Technopower designs and builds condensate measuring system for various European customers

21 February 2014

Under certain conditions, higher hydrocarbons present in natural gas or similar gases may condense and the condensate formed can cause difficulties in the operation of gas transport and distribution systems. For proper operation of transport and distribution systems, a knowledge of the quantities of condensate formed as a function of temperature and pressure is required. […]Read more »

MTSA signs contract with KERI for the supply of Make Switches

20 December 2013

KERI (Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute) has chosen MTSA Technopower as her supplier for Make Switches for the 4000 MVA High Power Project. The contract for the delivery has been signed this week. The delivery will take place at the end of 2014. The make switches will replace the existing equipment and are used as a […]Read more »

Press release De Gelderlander: Netherlands is lacking techno vision

29 May 2013

Netherlands is lacking techno vision (copy right De Ondernemer). For the press release (dutch language): click here.Read more »

Press release: MTSA now receives enquires from all over the world

29 May 2013

MTSA now receives enquires from all over the world (copyright Ondernemer). For the press release (dutch language) click here.Read more »

Hydrogen coaches

18 December 2012

Hymove, E-traction and MTSA Technopower set up a partnership to develop electrical driven coaches. The electricity will be produced in a fuel cell installation from hydrogen and stored into the battery section. After developing the prototype, which is currently in operation, the partnership intends procuding the coaches in series, which will be deployed in the […]Read more »

Press release Fluids Processing April 2012

26 April 2012

Worlds largest PEM fuel cell power plant at the Solvin production site at Antwerp. For the press release (dutch language): click here.Read more »

Worlds largest PEM fuel cell power plant

06 February 2012

Solvin announces that they successfully commissioned World’s largest Proton Exchange Membranes (PEM) fuel cell power plant, with a capacity of 1 MW, at the Solvin production site at Antwerp. The power plant has been running already for weeks at a stable rate. For the complete Solvay’s press release (dutch language): click hereRead more »

Installation of Trico Spin Extruder

11 March 2011

For the farmaceutical company MSD in Oss MTSA Technopower designed and built a production machine for the manufacture of the NuvaRing®. This machine is a Trico Spin Extruder. De term ‘Trico’ refers to a new technology whereby the NuvaRing® is composed out of 3 layers synthetics. The MTSA Technopower scope of work included: The basic […]Read more »

MTSA Technopower builds largest emission free fuel cell power plant

07 February 2011

March 2010 MTSA Technopower received the order for the design and realisation of World’s largest hydrogen PEM-fuel cell power plant. Meanwhile the construction of it is nearing its completion. During the coming months the installation will be tested, after which it will be transported to the final destination. The PEM-fuel cell power plant with a […]Read more »

Breakthrough MTSA Technopower Chinese market

10 March 2010

By signing a contract for the manufacture and delivery of equipment for the 363KV and 1100KV short circuit laboratories of EETI (Electrical Apparatus Science Academy) MTSA Technopower breaks through on the Chinese market. Both laboratories are currently being constructed. The equipment will be delivered in the course of 2010 and 2011, which lays the foundation […]Read more »

World’s largest emission free fuel cell power plant

01 March 2010

MTSA Technopower received an order from NedStack to design and build a 1 MW hydrogen PEM-fuelcel power plant. World’s largest PEM-fuelcel power plant is based on NedStack fuelcells. The installation will be connected to the chlorin-alkali plant of SolVin, Antwerpen-Lillo Belgium. Hydrogen, a by-product of the chlorine production process, will be used on-site for the […]Read more »

MTSA Technopower hosts Political Forum

06 November 2009

With members of the Lower House Elly Blanksma (CDA), Sharon Gesthuizen (SP), Pauline Smeets (PvdA) and Fred Teeven (VVD) and employers the Metaalunie organised in November a company visit at MTSA Technopower in Arnhem. Next during the Politiek Forum a lively discussion took place between the employers and politicians about a number of vexed questions.Read more »

MTSA Technopower is back at exhibitions!

05 September 2009

MTSA Technopower designs, builds and maintains customer-specific equipment, installations and special machines. Furthermore we are a renowned supplier of mechatronic parts and modules for OEMs and service companies. With this message MTSA Technopower took part, for the first time since many years, as exhibitor at an industrial technical exhibition. At the TIV in Hardenberg we […]Read more »

MTSA strengthens position in the pharmaceutical sector

01 April 2009

By obtaining an order from a prominent international farmaceutical company MTSA Technopower strengthens its position in the pharmaceutical sector as designer and constructor of customer specific machines. It concerns the design and realisation of a production line for a new contraceptive and is a multi disciplinary project encompassing the mechanical, electronic, instrumental and automation design […]Read more »

Sail on Hydrogen

28 November 2008

Shipping company Lovers sails from end 2008 with a hydrogen powered ship on the Amsterdam canals. The round trip boat accommodates 86 passengers and shall also be used as a ferry on the Amsterdam IJ. MTSA Technopower built the 2 hydrogen power packs in which the conversion of hydrogen to electricity takes place. Read more: […]Read more »

MTSA Technopower new corporate identity.

01 November 2008

The Via Design agency has designed MTSA Technopower’s new corporate identity. The MTSA Technopower logo has been made stronger and more contemporary. So as to increase employees’ experience of the new MTSA Technopower, the design was created after significant interaction with them. We have been working on converting all communication to include the new logo […]Read more »


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