MTSA Technopower joins the Electrolyser Makersplatform NL

08 April 2021

MTSA Technopower joins the Electrolyser Makersplatform NL, a joining of forces of Dutch companies to accelerate electrolysis development. The platform was launched today during the online ‘Innovation Expo 2021’ event in the presence of the outgoing Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate, Bas van ‘t Wout. During the launch an introduction film was shown in […]Weiter lesen »

2 MW Electrolyser

MTSA broadens knowledge in the field of Pyrolysis

08 Dezember 2020

With participation in the Calibra project led by TNO and supported by RVO, MTSA has strengthened its knowledge and experience regarding Pyrolysis and Pyrolysis installations. Calibra stands for: Cascading Lignin BioRefinery Approach. It has been shown that pyrolysis can convert lignin-rich types of biomass into a portfolio of aromatic products that can be used in, […]Weiter lesen »

Calibra - Pyrolyse

Summer heat for the winter

09 Oktober 2020

To create a sustainable world, MTSA has developed and manufactured a prototype heat battery that can store summer heat on behalf of and in collaboration with a technical institute. Like a normal battery stores electricity, the heat battery stores heat. For example, summer heat can be stored to dissipate winter cold. The heart of the […]Weiter lesen »

Pilot installation

Gelderland organizations are advancing the green hydrogen chain

14 September 2020

Five Gelderland organizations with the support of the Province of Gelderland the Municipality of Arnhem and the Arnhem Ondernemersfonds are joining forces to make Gelderland a frontrunner in the energy transition. Together they are conducting a feasibility study into a green hydrogen Power-to-Power / Power-2-X installation that can be deployed locally on wind and solar […]Weiter lesen »

Joining Forces P2P / P2X

MTSA designs and builds pyrolysis pilot plant

03 August 2020

The development of innovative chemical processes for the production of renewable products from residual biomass is needed to find sustainable alternatives for petrochemical based products. By thermal depolymerization of biomass feedstock via pyrolysis and recovering the pyrolysis vapours in a limited number of fractions, biobased additives for applications such as bitumen, rubber, marine fuels, resins […]Weiter lesen »

Pyrolysis Pilot Plant

New project for MTSA to design and build a containerized mobile pilot plant

23 Juli 2020

MTSA Technopower has been awarded a new project to design and build a containerized mobile pilot plant for microbial gas fermentation of a variety of industrial and synthetic gases. To reduce CO2 emissions and replace fossil fuel, it has become necessary to develop new, environmentally friendly biotechnologies, including re-use of materials previously considered as waste […]Weiter lesen »

Accelerate Energy Transition in Deventer with GROHW

20 Juli 2020

We are proud to announce that MTSA Technopower participates in the sustainable Deventer initiative “GROHW”. Green hydrogen system in Deventer Ten companies and institutions have taken the initiative to develop a scalable hydrogen system in Deventer. Hydrogen is an essential link in the energy transition towards zero emission. The initiative focuses on the technical and […]Weiter lesen »

Joining Forces Electrolyses

EAE Electric applies MTSA Technology in HPL

25 Mai 2020

EAE Electric is modernizing and expanding its High Power Lab. EAE applies modern MTSA Make Switches. These are environmentally friendly and use compressed air.The electrical insulation between the poles is also clean compressed air. In addition, MTSA Make Switches are very fast and extremely accurate. This is important, because with AC the current and voltage […]Weiter lesen »

Make Switch

Corona virus – Covid19

25 Mai 2020

In connection with the Corona virus, MTSA Technopower and its employees follow the advice of the Dutch government and RIVM. The MTSA Technopower team is 100% operational and stands at the disposal to her customers. We do everything we can to help you as a customer as adequate and efficient as possible. We also stay […]Weiter lesen »

MTSA designs and builds a system for electrochemical hydrogen compression

05 Dezember 2019

The reserves of traditional fossil fuels are limited and eventually ending. An alternative for the use of traditional fossil fuel is hydrogen. The caloric value of one kg hydrogen is almost 3 times the value of a kg gasoline. Only issue is that the volume of hydrogen under atmospheric pressure is considerable voluminous and amounts […]Weiter lesen »

Hydrogen Electrochemical Compression

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