Demo green hydrogen production installation for GROHW project opened at MTSA

29 September 2022

Waiting for green hydrogen? If it is up to GROHW, our patience will not be tested for long. GROHW is making important steps in the development and realization of a decentralized green hydrogen system. MTSA Technopower 5.0, one of GROHW’s partners and a frontrunner in hydrogen technology, demonstrates its technical skills with the demo setup of the green hydrogen production and test installation. Thursday 29 September was the official opening of this installation by Nermina Kundic, Alderman for Sustainable Mobility and Economy of Arnhem and Jorg Gigler, director of TKI New Gas.


The official opening of the demo setup was introduced by Jorg Gigler. Jorg explains: “Hydrogen is an important energy carrier that can use wind and solar energy in a green way. It is not the only way to achieve the climate goals, for example battery development, but it certainly contributes to it. We wholeheartedly welcome hydrogen initiatives, such as GROHW. Even though not all projects are profitable yet and a lot of knowledge still needs to be acquired. It is therefore all the more special that GROHW is now really taking the first steps of realization.”


From idea to realization

In this demo setup, GROHW realizes a first part of the integrated system, in which all innovations from the participating partners come together. MTSA Technopower 5.0, a technology company that specializes in the design and construction of customer-specific industrial installations, has worked hard on the heart of the installation, the electrolyser. The result is this demo setup. Rob van der Sluis of MTSA: “This electrolyser is not only a hydrogen production unit, but at the same time a test system with which multiple electrolysis stacks can be used under real-time conditions. But also via a pre-selected program of fluctuating energy supply, independently of each other and tested and compared with each other. We are at this stage implementing the knowledge from previous projects, including GROHW phase 1. This is of course an important step towards our joint mission: accelerating the energy transition with hydrogen as an energy carrier and technology development to make green energy available around the clock. Still on a small scale, but the next step is scaling up to a 50 kW electrolysis for the long-term field test at De Gasfabriek in Deventer and ultimately to a multi MW (mega watt) hydrogen system. Before we can take those steps, we will be doing a lot of testing in the coming months, including the collaboration with Cooll’s hydrogen-powered heat pumps and Hanzenet’s digital energy management platform, in order to prepare ourselves properly.”



GROHW (GReen Oxygen, Hydrogen and Wasteheat) is an initiative of

Witteveen+Bos, Saxion University of Applied Sciences, HanzeNet, Brandeniers, Rabobank, Asfaltcentrale Stedendriehoek (ACS), Vos Transport, Van Dorp Installaties, MTSA Technopower 5.0, HVE, Cooll and HAN University of Applied Sciences. A scalable green local hydrogen system is being developed together. By sharing knowledge and experiences, they contribute to the energy transition to zero emissions.


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