Hydrogen system integration by MTSA: SinneWetterstof

03 November 2021

The SinneWetterstof project of Alliander and GroenLeven focuses on the conversion of solar power to hydrogen through electrolysis. MTSA Technopower designs and supplies the integration of the electrolyser and hydrogen compressor into a complete system for this project.

The aim of the project is to make the electricity system more flexible by applying hydrogen conversion. If large quantities of sustainable energy is generated, it is sometimes not possible to feed it into the electricity grid. That is why Alliander is installing an electrolyser installation in Oosterwolde at a solar park developed by GroenLeven, a developer of large-scale solar energy. Instead of reducing electricity generation or expanding infrastructure, an electrolyser converts electricity and water into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen is compressed and transported to the customer in tube trailers.
In this way peak load in the grid is prevented and hydrogen is produced in a sustainable way for use in e.g. mobility, the industry and heating in the built environment.

Project leader Ben Tubben of Alliander: “With the project, Alliander aims to learn how the hydrogen chain is built and to gain experience with the use of electrolysers in terms of controllability and safety. By placing the installation directly adjacent to a solar park, it is being investigated how congestion management can be applied quickly and cost-effectively with such an installation”. Willem de Vries, project leader of GroenLeven, adds: “With this project we want to investigate how complementary the operation of a solar park and the production of hydrogen are”.

In this project MTSA Technopower realizes the integration of the electrolyser and hydrogen compressor into a complete system. In addition to supplying and installing a hydrogen buffer tank, connecting piping and instrumentation, the integration also includes the design and realization of a project-specific hydrogen filling station, suitable for loading tube trailers. The filling station will have 3 loading positions, so 3 tube trailers can be placed at the same time. The filling station is equipped with a control system that also includes the necessary safety components.

The Sinnewetterstof project is one of the first Dutch projects where green hydrogen will be produced decentrally and MTSA is proud to realize this project together with all partners.

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