In addition to customer-specific solutions, MTSA Technopower 5.0 also markets its own product line for short-circuit laboratories.

This concerns equipment that is used to conduct short-circuit tests for both the direct and the synthetic test circuit.

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The energy transition goes hand in hand with the electrification of our society. This places high demands on our electricity grid. Short-circuit laboratories test the components that make up our electricity network. And then we are talking about testing with high voltages and currents, for example 10,000 Mega VoltAmpere.

MTSA supplies switchgear and ‘measurement and control systems’ for high currents and voltages. This allows you to expose a test object to a short circuit in a controlled manner and at exactly the right time.
We supply ‘make switches’, break switches, injection timers and Rogowski measuring systems for both direct and synthetic test circuits.

The importance of High Power Testing

380 kV switch garden

The energy transition is accompanied by the electrification of our society. This places increasingly higher demands on our electricity grid and all components that are part of it. For example, all current-carrying components such as transformers, cables and switches must not only withstand the nominal full load, but also the peak load during a possible short circuit or lightning strike.

Only correctly certified components may be used in the electricity network. To obtain a certificate, these components are tested in a short-circuit lab, also called High Power Lab (HPL), and thereby exposed to an artificial short-circuit.

High Power Laboratory

The equipment and components within an HPL test circuit are exposed to a short circuit several times a day. The requirements for these components are therefore considerably stricter than those of a regular electricity grid.

MTSA Technopower 5.0 markets its own product line for conducting short-circuit tests. These are products for direct tests, which involve an extreme current injection (peak value up to hundreds of thousands of amperes) and so-called synthetic tests where both an extreme current and voltage injection are involved (even beyond a million volts). The moment of the current or voltage injection must be performed very accurate and reproducible. This determines the success of the test.
With MTSA equipment, voltage and current can be switched and measured very quickly and accurately.

Product overview

Make Switch 1210

Rated voltage: 24 kV
Making current (symmetric): 100 kA
Closing time* < 8 ms
Precision of make-time: < 0.1 ms

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Make Switch 1397

Rated voltage: 36 kV
Making current (symmetric): 80 kA
Closing time* < 8 ms
Precision of make-time: < 0.1 ms

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Master Break Switch

Rated opening time: <7 ms
Deviation in breaking time: <0,2 ms
Rated voltage: 15.4 kV at 50 Hz & 160 kA
Max. breaking test current: 165 kA

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Injection Timer

Injection Timer is used in synthetic test circuit
Injection Timer predicts when AC current goes through zero
Injection Timer emits ignition commands to main gap
Injection Timer emits signals to control multi loop devices

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Synthetic Make Switch

Rated voltage: 250kV
Rated current: 80 kAeff/5 ms

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Main Gap 800 kV

Air gap: Two half spheres, variable gap 10 – 80 cm
Rated DC voltage: up to 800 kV
Peak current: 40k A, damped, frequency 50 Hz to 3000 Hz
Response time: <50µs, ±5µs

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High Energy Gap Firing Unit

Power supply: Compressed air – 6 bar
Control unit: via fiber-optic high level input (>30 mWatt)
Ignition pulse maximum voltage: 25 kVolt
Elec. energy of 1st ignition pulse: approx. 0.25 Joule/25 kVolt
Elec. energy of 2nd ignition pulse: approx. 200 Joule/850 Volt
Response time: < 5 micro seconds

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Re-Ignition Spark Gap 1606

Air gap: Two half spheres, variable gap 5 – 25 cm
Dielectric stability (Umax): 250 kV ± 15 kV
Current (Imax): 80 kApeak /5 ms
Maximum Charge transfe: 200 C
Response time: < 5 ms

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Rogowski Measuring Set

Sensitivity: from 0.5 kA/V to 50 kA/V
Current range: currents up to a maximum of 1 mega ampere
Frequency range: LF to 0.007 Hz
Accuracy: better than 1%
Phase error: better than 20 minutes of an arc at 50 Hz

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Disconnectors and Earthing Switches

MTSA Disconnector 1608
Max. voltage: 36 kV
Max. current (rms, 1s): 110 kA
Peak current: 308 kA

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