MTSA Supply focuses on the production of parts, mechatronic modules and complete systems. This can be based on your design (built-to-print), but often MTSA Technopower 5.0 is closely involved in the design whereby series production is preceded by the manufacture of a prototype (built-to-spec).

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Customers are increasingly outsourcing specialisms and are searching for combined expertise, such as machining, welding and assembly.
Our specialists manufacture complex parts, mechatronic modules and even complete systems in series, exactly according to your design. ‘Built-to-print’, but also ‘built-to-spec’, whereby we do the design, as we possess the knowledge and craftsmanship to design and build. So we can make prototypes, before going into series production.

Our Method

CNC frezen

From prototype to series production

We can produce according to your drawings and specifications (built-to-print), whereby we are pleased to think along with you to optimize the production method and cost price.

In addition, our engineering departments can turn your innovation into a product (built-to-specification), from design to prototype manufacturing and series production.

Our experience makes MTSA Technopower 5.0 a knowledge partner for new systems and optimizing existing systems.


Supply Chain

We know that we, as your supplier, are an integral part of your business chain. Based on mutual agreements, we will make arrangements to accommodate your production peaks, ensure reliable stocks at the lowest possible cost and risk, and manage your and our suppliers in terms of quality, delivery reliability, technology and price. We will use a production control system for planning and monitoring, which will ensure instant overview of the progress of all orders. This will optimise your risk, capacity utilisation, and cash flow, while adding value to your product.

Clean Room

Combination of Disciplines

We have the following disciplines in-house:

  • Engineering (Wtb/E)
  • Conventional and CNC Turning
  • Conventional and CNC (5-axis) Milling
  • Spark Machining
  • Welding (incl. certified Mig, Mag, Tig en Orbital)
  • Assembly (M/E)
  • Cleanroom
  • Post Processing
  • Air-conditioned Measuring Room and Testing

We maintain close contacts with a large number of suppliers. This allows us to provide disciplines that we do not have in-house, such as surface treatment, as a partial scope for you.

CNC machining


MTSA Technopower 5.0 excels in making complex parts in small and medium series using multiple manufacturing steps, such as combinations of CNC turning, milling and welding.

CNC machining and Cleam Room Assembly


Assemble produced and purchased parts into a module or end product and deliver this, whether or not on demand, in accordance with specifications and delivered exactly on time. That is our profession.



Many equipment and installations are delivered as a module on a mobile frame (skid) or built into a container.

MTSA Technopower 5.0 excels in manufacturing complete systems involving multiple disciplines, such as complex plastic or metal processing, procurement, high-quality welding, instrumentation, assembly and acceptance testing.

MTSA Technopower 5.0 provides expertise and production capacity with which our customers can increase their competences and effectiveness and deploy them in a focused manner. Flexibility is also reflected in the fact that MTSA Technopower 5.0 is able to tailor the products individually to the specific needs of the end user.

3D Measuring


MTSA Technopower 5.0 is a safe choice for you.

We are familiar with the most up-to-date technologies and the current international safety and environmental standards and can attribute our success to the reliability and quality of the orders we carry out. First and foremost, this gives you a product that does what it should and that we also safely install and integrate into your process. This means that MTSA Technopower 5.0 takes a lot of work off your hands before, during and after the execution of your project, which leads to a significant reduction in your total costs. So your project is in good hands with us.

MTSA Technopower 5.0 is ISO 9001:2015 and VCA**: 2008/5.1 certified.


MTSA Supply is mainly active in the following markets and themes:

Clean Room Assembly







Special machines

Skid assembly

Process skids




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