MTSA Technopower develops decentralized energy management systems that convert green electricity into hydrogen and vice versa to make green energy available 24/7 and to prevent peak loads from solar and wind farms on the electricity grid.

Hydrogen crucial in Energy Transition

The Energy Transition with MTSA

Vision – Energy Transition via sun and wind energy

Sun and wind energy is sustainable, CO2 free and can be generated almost anywhere. On location, however, most of the day’s yield is usually produced in just a few hours, while during the rest of the day hardly or no green power is available. Often the 80/20 rule applies

Therefore, sun and wind cannot simply replace fossil power plants. So far, fossil remains necessary to guarantee delivery around the clock. Until now, there is no energy buffer for green energy to match supply and demand.

Another obstacle to the large-scale application of solar and wind energy is the current grid capacity. This is often not sufficient to handle peak production from (planned) wind and solar parks.

MTSA: leader in Hydrogen Technology

MTSA Technopower offers a solution. MTSA Technopower has over 15 years of experience in hydrogen and electricity (high power) applications. MTSA Technopower has completed leading projects including the world’s largest PEM fuel cell plants, H2 installations for emergency power supply, power packs for powering city buses and tour boats and electrochemical hydrogen compression systems. We apply this knowledge to bring the Energy Transition a step closer.

MTSA productline

MTSA Technopower develops product lines for:

  • Power to Gas (P2G): Electrolyser systems for the production of green hydrogen in the capacity range of 1-10 MW.
  • Gas to Power (G2P): Fuel cell systems for the production of electricity from hydrogen in the capacity range of 0.5-5 MW.
  • Power to Power (P2P): Integrated energy management systems that combine hydrogen and electricity production

Power to Power (P2P) - The System

MTSA Technopower develops a fully integrated Energy Management System consisting of:

  • Hydrogen production via electrolysis
  • Hydrogen compression and storage
  • Electricity and heat generation from Hydrogen by fuelcell technology.

We call this Power to Power – the missing link in the Energy Transition.

Power to Power (P2P) - The Application

Power to Power (P2P) is a modular, scalable and decentralized concept that enables on-site conversion of green electricity into hydrogen between 1 and 10 MW. The hydrogen can be used later for electricity, heat, mobility and / or industrial feed. It is ideally suited to be used in combination with (planned) wind and solar parks where the local electricity grid is not sufficient to absorb peak production.
Due to the connection to the electricity grid, the P2P system also has a grid stabilizing function.


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