MTSA delivers CO2 electrolysis pilot

07 June 2023

MTSA Technopower specializes in supporting scaling up innovations in the field of Cleantech, clean technology that makes sustainable production possible.

In order to become completely climate neutral, the chemical industry must stop using fossil fuels and raw materials and stop emitting CO2. This means, for example, the reduction of CO2 emissions by converting this greenhouse gas into high-quality, green chemicals.

MTSA recently delivered a pilot installation to TNO in which water and CO2 are electrochemically converted into formic acid. MTSA Technopower was responsible for both the design and construction of the electrochemical stack, the heart of the system, as well as the total system itself, also called Balance of Plant (BoP). The installation produces approximately 1 kilogram of formic acid or carbon monoxide per hour from CO2.

Formic acid and carbon monoxide are important building blocks in chemistry, from which many other products can be made, such as cleaning products and ethanol and ethylene, the building blocks for plastic.

For the next step, formic acid and carbon monoxide can be produced on a large scale with the right electrochemical cells, stacks and installations. Flue gases from traditional incineration plants can be used as a CO2 source, for example from waste plants. The CO2 emissions from these plants then decrease and can be converted into products with the help of clean electricity. This is also called CCU (Carbon Capture and Usage).

By designing and building such Cleantech pilot and demo installations, MTSA Technopower contributes to the development of clean technology, a cleaner environment and a CO2 neutral society.

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