MTSA designs and builds a system for electrochemical hydrogen compression

05 December 2019

The reserves of traditional fossil fuels are limited and eventually ending. An alternative for the use of traditional fossil fuel is hydrogen.

The caloric value of one kg hydrogen is almost 3 times the value of a kg gasoline. Only issue is that the volume of hydrogen under atmospheric pressure is considerable voluminous and amounts to approx. 11 cubic meters. To take this volume fuel with a car of bus is difficult. Solution for this is to compress the hydrogen. When hydrogen is pressurized up to 700BarG then 1 kg fits into a 25ltr gas tank. Mechanical compression of hydrogen is costing energy and makes the use of it as sustainable alternative for traditional fuels unattractive. Another method to compress hydrogen is by using an electrochemical compression stack. Unlike mechanical compression an electrochemical compression stack has no moving parts, is low in maintenance and silently. Hyett Compression is developing and building electromechanical compression stacks.

This electrochemical compression stack is just one component of the compression system and cannot work without the supporting system as power supply, cooling system, high pressure interconnecting tubing and safety systems.

MTSA designed and built a compression system where the electrochemical compressor can be integrated in. These type systems will eventually functioning for example in hydrogen refuelling station for cars, busses or trucks.

Hyett Compression delivered the electrochemical compression system with electro chemical stacks to a client in Japan. The unit performs perfectly and the client is satisfied.

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