MTSA designs and builds pyrolysis pilot plant

03 August 2020

The development of innovative chemical processes for the production of renewable products from residual biomass is needed to find sustainable alternatives for petrochemical based products.

By thermal depolymerization of biomass feedstock via pyrolysis and recovering the pyrolysis vapours in a limited number of fractions, biobased additives for applications such as bitumen, rubber, marine fuels, resins and as feedstock for extracting high-value bio-aromatics can be produced.

MTSA designed and built a continuous pyrolysis pilot plant for TNO Energie Transitie consisting of a pyrolysis reactor in which biomass is converted into hot pyrolysis gas and a downstream cascade train in which the pyrolysis gas is cooled and condensed step by step. The obtained different fractions have high potential for applications regarding biofuels and biobased materials.

With this project MTSA is contributing to the development of bio-based processes to enable the transition to a safe and sustainable environment.

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