MTSA Make Switch 1210 successfully tested at KEMA LABS

28 May 2021

This month a number of tests were performed on the MTSA Make Switch 1210 at KEMA Labs in Arnhem in, The Netherlands. The tests were based on norm IEC 62271-103:2021. Make Switch 1210 passed all tests with flying colors, which confirmed the preset ratings:

High Voltage Tests
– Voltage withstand test according subclause 7.2
– Lightning impulse voltage test according subclause 7.2
– Normal current temperature rise test according subclause 7.5

High Power Tests
– Short-time withstand current at 1 single-phase according subclause 7.6
– Peak withstand current at 1 single-phase according subclause 7.6
– Short-circuit making operation Symmetrical according subclause 7.101
– Short-circuit making operation Asymmetrical according subclause 7.101

MTSA Make Switch 1210 is environmentally friendly and uses compressed air for operating and internal electrical insulation. The proven design of the Make Switch will result in very fast closing times (<8ms) and is very accurate. Please contact MTSA Technopower 5.0 for more details about MTSA Make Switch 1210 or for a copy of the KEMA test report.

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