MTSA Technopower 5.0 builds largest emission free fuel cell power plant

07 February 2011

March 2010 MTSA Technopower 5.0 received the order for the design and realisation of World’s largest hydrogen PEM-fuel cell power plant. Meanwhile the construction of it is nearing its completion.

During the coming months the installation will be tested, after which it will be transported to the final destination.

The PEM-fuel cell power plant with a capacity of 1 MW uses NedStack fuel cells. The installation will be connected with the chlorine-alkali plant of SolVin, Antwerpen-Lillo België. Chlorine is produced by electrolysis of salt which requires a lot of energy. Hydrogen is a by-product of the chlorine production process. The new power plant will use this as feedstock to produce electricity.

The PEM-fuel cell power is very efficient, safe, emission free and silent. Hydrogen as energy carrier reacts in the fuel cells with oxygen from air to pure water. The electron transfer of this chemical reaction forms the basis of the electricity production. The produced heat can be used as well. All in all this will lead to significant energy savings. This is an environmental friendly way of generating power. By applying fuel cells no gasses like carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxide (NOx) or sulphur oxide (SOx) are being released and there is no emission of small particles, smoke or dust. The fuel cell itself doesn’t produce noise.

The technology can be widly used. MTSA Technopower 5.0 cooperates with NedStack already for years and has with and for NedStack designed and built a range of hydrogen to power installations. These units find their application in e.g. the automotive, navigation, utility and process sectors.

Click here to download article: ‘Waterstofstroom’ – Ingenieur 25-2-11 (Dutch language)

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