MTSA Technopower 5.0 commissed Make Switches for worlds largest testlab at EETI (Suzhou)!

05 December 2019

MTSA Technopower 5.0 delivered for the past 9 years various high voltage equipment to Suzhou Electrical Apparatus Science Research Institute (EETI) in China for their 363 kV and 512 kV laboratories and lately for their 1100 kV laboratory.

Suzhou Electrical Apparatus Science Research Institute (EETI)- China, has established advanced high voltage and large capacity testing laboratories, and can provide clients with product certification testing, quality supervision and inspection, commissioned test and technical evaluation testing service for high-voltage switch gear and control gear.

EETI’s new 1100 kV test laboratory under final construction will be the largest test lab in the world. MTSA delivered 15 Make switches, complete with control systems and compressed air supply systems for this lab. In may 2019 MTSA specialists were present at EETI to supervise the installation of the High Voltage Switches and all belonging equipment. Further MTSA tested the units successfully at site and commissioned the equipment. In November 2019 MTSA was present to perform a site visit to discuss the operation of the equipment.

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