MTSA Technopower 5.0 designs and builds condensate measuring system for various European customers

21 February 2014

Under certain conditions, higher hydrocarbons present in natural gas or similar gases may condense and the condensate formed can cause difficulties in the operation of gas transport and distribution systems. For proper operation of transport and distribution systems, a knowledge of the quantities of condensate formed as a function of temperature and pressure is required. This knowledge is also required for the design of production and treatment systems as well as for subsequent handling and disposal of the liquid. ISO 6570 is een method to determine the quantity of hydrocarbon condensate which can be formed at a certain pressure and temperature by passing a representative amount of gas through an apparatus whereby the quantity of liquid accumulated is determined by a gravimetrical method. MTSA Technopower 5.0 designed and built measuring systems compliant to ISO 6570 for several customers. The system is skid mounted to be incorporated into a trailer, van or lorry. As such it serves as a mobile laboratory to perform on-site gas analyses.

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