MTSA Technopower enlisted as member of Hydrogen Europe

23 August 2017

Hydrogen Europe is the leading EU industry association in fuel cells and the hydrogen sector. The EU recognizes that CO2 emissions are the main cause of todays global climate change. CO2 emissions shall be reduced by the 2015 Paris agreement. Hydrogen shall play an important role in the energy transition towards a CO2 neutral society. MTSA Technopower develops Hydrogen Fuel Cell Systems, which is seen as one of the important techniques to realise the energy transition and guarantee a safe and reliable energy supply, independent from fossil fuels. MTSA Technopower took part in several Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU) supported projects and aims doing so as leading party in future projects. Hydrogen Europe is one of the 3 members of FCH-JU. ‘Membership of Hydrogen Europe is therefore a logic step’ says Rob van der Sluis, Manager Marketing & Sales at MTSA Technopower. ‘We look forward to a groundbreaking cooperation within the Hydrogen Europe community and FCH-JU in jointly achieving the important goals of establishing a sustainable, clean, safe and reliable energy supply for ourselves and future generations.’

For more info about Hydrogen Europe, please click here to access the Hydrogen Europe website.

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