New project for MTSA to design and build a containerized mobile pilot plant

23 July 2020

MTSA Technopower has been awarded a new project to design and build a containerized mobile pilot plant for microbial gas fermentation of a variety of industrial and synthetic gases.

To reduce CO2 emissions and replace fossil fuel, it has become necessary to develop new, environmentally friendly biotechnologies, including re-use of materials previously considered as waste such as CO2 and CO2/CO mixtures. The driving force for production of chemical products from CO2 and industrial flue-gas is based on replacing fossil fuels as the raw material. Production of chemicals from waste feedstock such as flue gas or blast furnace gas is a major opportunity to introduce industrial biotechnologies in existing markets with high potential.

The containerized mobile gas fermentation pilot unit is to be used on-site at industrial CO2 emitting plants at several locations and treat a side-stream of their actual waste gas as a direct feedstock. The pilot unit will therefore be custom-built according all relevant standards and safety regulations applicable on an industrial production location.

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