Announcing cooperation agreement between Proton Motor GmbH and MTSA Technopower B.V.

29 april 2019

April 2019

Cooperation agreement signed between:

Proton Motor GmbH
MTSA Technopower B.V.

Proton Motor GmbH and MTSA Technopower B.V. have agreed a 50:50 profit sharing Cooperation Agreement to design, manufacture and sell large power systems based on hydrogen fuel cell stacks, ranging between 0,5 MW and 10 MW.

Both companies have complementary experience in the field of producing fuel cell stacks, integrating electrolyser stacks and fuel cell stacks to produce systems up to 10 MW of containerized power systems. The systems are used in Power to Power applications for peak shaving in industrial or residential compounds and as Gas to Power as prime power for industrial units, ships propulsion and power in remote areas.

We are delighted with this venture that provides power with clean zero footprint using renewable produced or recycled hydrogen. The systems will contribute to a cleaner environment in the energy transition period and beyond.

Both companies can accept orders for such units forthwith, customer application design and engineering will be provided for customers as part of he package.

For further information:
Dr. Faiz Nahab, CEO Loek van Veggel, CEO
Manfred Limbrunner, Director Sales/Marketing Rob van de Sluis, Director Sales/Marketing
Sebastian Goldner, CTO/COO Jan ten Have, Technical Director
Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH MTSA Technopower B.V.
Benzstrasse 7 Westervoortsedijk 67
82178 Puchheim 6827 AT Arnhem
Germany The Netherlands
Tel: +49 (0) 173 189 0923 Tel: +31 (0) 26 3636310

About Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH

Proton Motor serves IT, Telecoms, public infrastructure and healthcare customers in Germany, Europe and Middle East with power supply solutions for DC and AC power demand. In addition to power supply, SPower also offers solutions for Solar Systems as well as a new product line for Solar Energy Storage.
Proton Motor is an expert in Power Solutions using CleanTech technologies like industrial fuel cells, fuel cell and hybrid systems with more than 20 years of experience in this sector. Based in Puchheim near Munich, Proton Motor offers complete fuel cell and hybrid systems from a single source – from the development and production through the implementation of customized solutions.  The focus of Proton Motor is on back-to-base, for example, for mobile, marine and stationary solutions applications.  The product portfolio consists of base-fuel cell systems, standard complete systems, as well as customized systems.

Proton Motor Fuel Cells GmbH is wholly owned subsidiary of Proton Power Systems plc. The Company has been listed on the London Stock Exchange since October 2006 (code: PPS).

About MTSA Technopower B.V.

MTSA Technopower delivers equipment and custom designed equipment for the Clean Tech Energy Transition market, Industrial Electrification, Circular Economy and Bio based industry for 25 years. MTSA is an expert in delivery large scale Power Solutions in Fuel cell systems, Electrolyser systems and Power to Power systems both as standard and as custom designed products.

MTSA Technopower is know from developing and building the largest PEM fuel Cell Power plant in the world which is operated in Yingkow China.

Based in Arnhem the Netherlands, MTSA offers complete Services from the development, design and production through the implementation of customized solutions.  The focus of MTSA is on Industrial, Marine and stationary solutions applications of Fuel cell power systems, Electrolyzer systems, Power to Power systems including DC/AC conversion and Grid coupling.

MTSA Technopower serves Marine, Industrial, Public infrastructure customers involved in the energy transition in The Netherlands, Europe, Middle East and Far East





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