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Own Products

Apart from customer-specific solutions, MTSA Technopower also markets its own line of products for high power labs. Our product line encompasses equipment for short-circuit testing.

Following the acquisition of KEMA Technique in 2003, MTSA Technopower became a supplier of equipment that enables controlled high voltage or current injection. This involves equipment for both the direct and the synthetic test circuit.

For further details about our products, please click on the pictures below to open the corresponding product leaflet or contact MTSA Technopower directly.

Product overview 'Own products'

Rated voltage: 17,5 kV
Making current (symmetric): 100 kA
Closing time* < 8 ms
Precision of make-time: < 0.1 ms

Rated voltage: 40,5 kV
Making current (symmetric): 80 kA
Closing time* < 8 ms
Precision of make-time: < 0.1 ms

Rated opening time: <7 ms
Deviation in breaking time: <0,2 ms
Rated voltage: 15.4 kV at 50 Hz & 160 kA
Max. breaking test current: 165 kA

Injection Timer is used in synthetic test circuit
Injection Timer predicts when AC current goes through zero
Injection Timer emits ignition commands to main gap
Injection Timer emits signals to control multi loop devices

For checking condition of Injection Timer
Simulates current forms which appear during a short circuit tester

Rated voltage: 250kV
Rated current: 80 kAeff/5 ms

Maximum voltage: 600 kV
Two High Energy Gap Firing Units
Timing via Injection Timer
For higher voltages: multiple Gaps in series

Power supply: Compressed air – 6 bar
Control unit: via fiber-optic high level input (>30 mWatt)
Ignition pulse maximum voltage: 25 kVolt
Elec. energy of 1st ignition pulse: approx. 0.25 Joule/25 kVolt
Elec. energy of 2nd ignition pulse: approx. 200 Joule/850 Volt
Response time: < 5 micro seconds


  • Light: 860 nm
  • Minimum optical capacity: 50 mW
  • SMA-connector. Rise time < 0.5 μs

Delay: < 1,5 μs
Timing accuracy < 0,5 μs
Voltage: 10 kV tot 25kV per section
Maximum charge transfer: 0,5 C per injection
Maximum current: 5000 A

Sensitivity: from 0.5 kA/V to 50 kA/V
Current range: currents up to a maximum of 1 mega ampere
Frequency range: LF to 0.007 Hz
Accuracy: better than 1%
Phase error: better than 20 minutes of an arc at 50 Hz

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