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Nowadays it is more cost-effective to hire external specialists to carry out certain services. That enables you to boost your flexibility and capacity. MTSA Service offers (on-site) support to technical service departments (electrical and mechanical) in the industrial market. We can provide contract staffing and take care of assembly, disassembly, modifications to existing installations, maintenance, system integration and/or supply replacement parts.

Employee secondment

Whenever you, as a result of staff illness, unfilled vacancies, holidays or a sudden rise in demand, find your capacity does not stretch far enough and want to bring in the specialists you need as soon as possible, MTSA Technopower is the go-to resource. We can provide the staff you need (engineers and fitters: mechanical and electrical engineering) on a time-and-expense basis, so that you can continue to meet your obligations. Contract staff can be made available for both short and long periods.

Service “projects”

Your technical service department has its hands full with their day-to-day activities. This often leads to delays in the implementation of required modifications to processes or production methods. MTSA Technopower can take such modifications off your hands and provide turnkey solutions. Our experience enables us to accurately assess the time and money that would be involved in the modifications you need, and we can subsequently enter into a performance-based contract with you based on that assessment. That gives you maximum clarity on costs, turnaround, and risk. This includes the following types of activities:

  • Modification and overhaul of existing installations and equipment
  • Disassembly and assembly of installations and equipment, for example in the case of a relocation
  • Modification, overhaul, and testing of parts

MTSA Technopower’s engineering departments play an important role. Ours is a project-based approach (see Projects) that allows MTSA Technopower to take care of the full process from concept to commissioning.

Preventative Maintenance

It is common knowledge nowadays that well-executed regular preventive maintenance minimises operational costs and boosts reliability and quality of production and production capacity. MTSA Technopower can make a significant contribution to adding value to maintenance efforts. The MTSA approach splits maintenance up into the following phases:

  • Intake and analysis
  • Compiling a maintenance plan
  • Execution
  • Evaluation and advice

We provide maintenance activities on the basis of performance obligations under several types of contracts and service level agreements.

Corrective maintenance

Even despite the best preventive maintenance efforts, faults can never be fully ruled out in complex production processes. Dealing with faults requires expert skills that must be available at very short notice. MTSA service technicians can repair breakdowns quickly and effectively. And providing services outside regular business hours is, of course, also possible. Given that MTSA can rely on its own proprietary machine factory and construction workshops, we are able to perform repairs and supply parts in no time. Findings from the evaluation of a fault can lead to changes to a preventive maintenance plan.

Corrective maintenance can either be part of a service contract or be handled on a time-and-expense basis.

Service Support OEMs

Fully aligned with MTSA Supply, MTSA Service offers Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) a complete package of service activities aimed at supporting companies that do not have their own technical service department or only have limited technical service capacity, but still want to be able to offer their customers technical support. This concerns the following technical services:

  • Installation of equipment and systems
  • System integration
  • Maintenance
  • Supply of replacement parts
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