Accelerate Energy Transition in Deventer with GROHW

20 July 2020

We are proud to announce that MTSA Technopower participates in the sustainable Deventer initiative “GROHW”.

Green hydrogen system in Deventer
Ten companies and institutions have taken the initiative to develop a scalable hydrogen system in Deventer. Hydrogen is an essential link in the energy transition towards zero emission.

The initiative focuses on the technical and economic feasibility for the production, storage and distribution of green hydrogen, oxygen and residual heat. To optimally match energy supply and demand, the companies are developing the architecture for a unique digital trading platform.

Scalable design
The result of GReen Oxygen, Hydrogen and Wasteheat (GROHW), as the Deventer initiative is called, is a blueprint: a scalable design that can also be used in other industrial areas in combination with wind and solar parks. The hydrogen system consists of an installation (electrolyser) that produces hydrogen and oxygen by means of sustainable electricity, whereby part of the electrical energy is released as residual heat. In addition to hydrogen, GROHW will also use the released oxygen and residual heat. The decentral generated green hydrogen can be used locally by industry, mobility and the built environment. This means hardly any loss of green energy.

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