World’s largest emission free fuel cell power plant

01 March 2010

MTSA Technopower received an order from NedStack to design and build a 1 MW hydrogen PEM-fuelcel power plant.

World’s largest PEM-fuelcel power plant is based on NedStack fuelcells. The installation will be connected to the chlorin-alkali plant of SolVin, Antwerpen-Lillo Belgium. Hydrogen, a by-product of the chlorine production process, will be used on-site for the production of electricity. The PEM power plant is very efficient, safe, emission free and quiet.

In the fuel cell the energy carrier hydrogen is converted to electricity with warm water as by-product. It is a environmental friendly way of power generation. By the application of fuel cells no gasses like carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx) or sulfur oxides (SOx) are released and there is no emmission of fine dust particles. The fuelcel itself produces no noise. The technology can be used to serve many applications.

MTSA Technopower cooperates with NedStack already for years and has with and for NedStack designed and built a range of hydrogen to power installations. These units find their application in e.g. the automotive, navigation, utility and process sectors.

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