Summer heat for the winter

09 October 2020

To create a sustainable world, MTSA has developed and manufactured a prototype heat battery that can store summer heat on behalf of and in collaboration with a technical institute. Like a normal battery stores electricity, the heat battery stores heat. For example, summer heat can be stored to dissipate winter cold.

The heart of the heat battery is a large vessel filled with hygroscopic salt (natriumsulfide), a material that is cheap and well stocked. Charging and discharging the battery is done on the basis of hydration. The heat entering the battery dries the salt. When water is added later, the heat is released again. The heat can be captured, for example, with solar collectors. The heat that comes back from the battery can be used to heat water in a boiler. The hot water can then be used for central heating or as hot water.

This is necessary for a future in which houses no longer consume energy, but even generate energy. To make a home truly energy neutral, energy storage is essential – even across the seasons. With renewable energy, supply and demand are not properly aligned: on sunny summer days production is high and consumption low, on dark winter days the opposite is the case. With a heat battery, the surplus from summer can be used in winter.

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